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Redesign Your Negative Thought Process With Those 5 Steps

Your brain makes connections - from thoughts and feelings to reality. Where you put your focus, that’s where your energy will go and that’s the experiences that you will have - and that is how you’ll create your reality.

The anxious brain constantly fires alarms, trying to keep you safe... And the more you entertain those thoughts/feelings… the more it fires… It’s a vicious circle…

As in physics laws, In order to break those connections and create new ones - WE NEED ENERGY! It requires effort and consistency but IT’S POSSIBLE!


It’s not easy in the beginning, it feels not true, forceful and exhausting… but it will get easier with time… the time between the episodes will lengthen and before you know it … you’ll get a few days of relief and opportunity to use this time to unfold and discover your true self!

This is the 5 steps you must follow EVERY TIME a negative though/feeling comes up:

1) Slow down. Acknowledge it. Be aware of it and just ‘ride the wave’. Do not try to ignore it or run away from it… just sit with it next to you… As if it’s just an angry friend you want to support…

2) Tell yourself that you are whole, there is nothing to be scared of, it’s JUST a thought or a sensation and you don’t have to react to it if you don’t want to.

3) Take a few deep breaths – inhale into your belly, hold for a few seconds and then slowly exhale. It will help calm your nerve system.

4) Assign new meaning to the situation by asking yourself this question: “What part in me, my soul is telling me that I need to work on”?

5) Focus on being proactive in creating your reality. Ask this question: “What one step I can take now to become closer to a better version of myself?” Make the focus on what YOU WANT rather than what YOU DON’T WANT!

Stick to it for the long run and you’ll be able to see beyond your anxiety!

I’m here to support you .

Comment below with your thoughts on this process.

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